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Sex and the City Slot — Big Win 10x Bonus Multiplier!

Sex and the City Slot — Big Win 10x Bonus Multiplier!

Back to the Sex and the City slot machine, this time showing the «Change of a Dress» bonus, which is one of the better bonuses in the game in my opinion. For a while, I thought the popularity of this game would never fade, although it seems to finally be doing so, and even with a bunch of follow-ups, this original version is still probably the best and certainly is the most popular. To trigger the bonus, you need 3 or more bonus symbols in one of the games which will trigger a wheel spin to decide your bonus game. This time I got the «Change of a Dress» bonus where you first pick your character to establish the overall ranges of your wins. You then keep choosing mirrors until you match 3, but the trick is that each time you choose without a match the multiplier goes up, up to 10x!

Here’s the «Hello Lover» bonus for those interested:


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