Warframe: What is Mastery Rank and why should I care about it?

Thanks for checking out this video explaining mastery rank in Warframe! My streaming schedule for 15/1/2019 — 25/1/2019 No streams this week or next! MR TEST PLAYLIST: My settings & keybinds Mesa Prime Access Giveaway: iFlynn Merchandise: 15% Discount code for iFlynn Merch: RP1SVKL82T ● My SnapChat — ● My Twitter — ● My Twitch — ● My Google+ — ● My Discord —...[Read More]

Warframe: What Made Me Care About Fortuna

Not that Fortuna was bad, but this really made me care about Fortuna. Stream Schedule: MON-SAT 2PM-7PM PST If you enjoyed this video feel free to drop a like and check out some of my other videos and playlists. You never know what you might find! Previous Uploads: Playlists: #warframe #fortuna #fragments

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