Warframe’s The Sacrifice Reaction Video

Liked the video? Subscribe for more every week! CAUTION: This footage was created when The Sacrifice first released. Due to the amount of people in the chat on Twitch being hyped & myself being extremely hyped as this has been something we all have been waiting for, for many many years. Headphone & Speaker users please turn down your volume, Demon gets excited.. Twitch: Schedule: Monday ...[Read More]

Warframe: The Sacrifice — The Review (2018)

I played through The Sacrifice and I wanted to review it. But you can’t review The Sacrifice as you would a DLC or major update, because it’s trying to be something else. It’s trying to cut through the noise, and create a moment in time. Thank you for watching. If you’d like to support the channel, the best way is through Patreon: or the new SPONSOR button next to the sub b...[Read More]

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