Warframes Fortuna is «apparently» safe… The profit taker invades

it was a normal mission but after returning to fortuna something was… out of place. featuring Saltzpyre and navi music in order Vast City / Epic Cinematic Trailer Music / Royalty Free / By Ender Guney Description: Composed: By Ender Güney Kevin MacLeod ~ Local Forecast — Elevator MacLeod’s description: Genre: Jazz Time: 3:09 Instruments: Piano, Bass, Kit, EP, Flute, Trumpet, Perc...[Read More]

Let’s Play Earth Defense Force 5 — PS4 Gameplay Part 4 — TAKE ME SOMEWHERE SAFE!

To save our mother Earth from any alien attack From vicious giant insects who have once again come back We’ll unleash all our forces, we won’t cut them any slack The EDF deploys! Our soldiers are prepared for any alien threats The navy launches ships, the air force send their jets And nothing can withstand our fixed bayonets The EDF deploys! Our forces have now dwindled and we pull bac...[Read More]

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